Your Passion is Exploring the World


I have traveled extensively for over 30 years.  I share in your appreciation for travel by passing along a bit of my personal insider knowledge.


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My services go beyond that of a typical travel agency because of my experience and expertise.  Unlike many luxury advisors that focus on hotels, I focus on the destination and will create a unique experiences in your travel.   In addition, I bring you specific, additional advantages:

Steps to Creating your Trip of a Lifetime


Dave Petray is a high-level financial advisor in Newport Beach, CA and world traveler.

He has spent 27 years of offering financial advice and it was time to add luxury travel services to my portfolio of services. Many of his financial clients would seek his advice on hotels and destinations where they knew he traveled. It progressed to him offering them and others travel services.

David is an avid golfer, skier, scuba diver, and have a passion for rock climbing and the outdoors. (He been able to help clients plan the dream golf and scuba vacations (liveaboards incl.), and many other active trips like hiking Yosemite, climbing Half Dome, or the trekking the ice glaciers of Iceland & Patagonia)

David travels have been diverse, and he tends to like adventure trips and tropical white sand warm water destinations. His recent travels has been to Cuba, Rivera Maya, Croatia, Austria, The Maldives, Dubai, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

David has traveled to over 56 countries, and still always checking out new destinations.

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David is a 1989 graduate from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA, and currently a Senior Vice President-Investments with Syndicated Capital, Santa Monica, CA.